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Brothers Until The End – Mr. T Voices Support For Longtime Friend Hulk Hogan

May 19, 2016

Real Hulkamaniacs will remember the days of WrestleMania 1 and the pair that welcomed the world to the beginning of a legendary spectacle. That’s because it was the Hulkster himself standing beside his best training buddy, Mr. T, on every poster, advertisement and lunchbox around, all in the name of The Greatest Wrestling Event of All Time!

WrestleMania 1 was a life-changing event for both entertainers, forming a brotherly bond that transcended sport and fame. Both Hogan and Mr. T were known for their daunting massiveness, intimidating styles and outright awesomeness; taking home the main event win against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

It’s the kind of battle you don’t soon forget, which is why one of the Hulkster’s oldest friends is voicing his support over the legal battles facing Terry Bollea. In a landmark case of privacy rights, Bollea has been awarded $140 million in damages in light of the media company Gawker publishing an illegally recorded moment between himself an a friend’s now ex-wife. Despite the huge win though, the public is still questioning the character of Terry Bollea.

Mr. T voiced his concern that the situation of Hogan’s legal troubles is a misunderstanding for most, citing his decades of friendship with Hogan as a clear indicator of the wrestlers’s moral fortitude.

I don’t have a problem with Hulk Hogan. People say things and do things, and who am I to judge? I am a Christian and the bible teaches me to forgive. So what am I going to say? The man did something wrong. The whole operation with how it happened was bad with him being filmed and everything.

Elaborating, Mr. T spoke out against the basic corruption of trust between Hogan and his friend Bubba Clem, the man who recorded and later distributed the sex tape of his then-wife and the professional wrestler.

I’m mad at his buddy. Hulk loved the guy and he betrayed him, but that is life. Judas betrayed Jesus. Lady Red betrayed John Dillinger. Those things happen. If Hulk Hogan called me, I would talk to him. I wouldn’t cut him off for what he did. I haven’t lost any respect for him. Everybody has done something that we wish we didn’t say or do and wish we could take it back. He is still cool with me.