Hulh Hogan



Hulk Hogan VS Macho Man – The Story Behind A Legendary Friendship

April 28, 2016

They were known as the Mega Powers until the walls came crumbling down around them, and they were two of professional wrestling’s greatest athletes.

Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage was known for his growling voice that practically filled the room to the brim with his trademark sound, always flexing for the cameras with a quick “Oh yeaahhhh!” thrown in for good measure. Macho Man became one of the most beloved wrestlers to ever enter the circled square, teaming up with the Hulkster on multiple occasions to wreak havoc on unsuspecting competitors.

The pair’s memorable tag-team work complimented the high energy personas of each other, and watching the two work together inspired countless amateurs to pursue their passions in the sport. It’s one thing to watch Hogan and Macho Man though. It’s a whole different beast when you were the one living it.

Thinking back on his days with the late Savage, Hogan takes you on a trip down memory lane remembering his bestfriend, and sometimes mortal enemy; the great Randy Savage.

This one is for you brother.