Hulh Hogan



Step Inside The Legendary Hogan Vault And Hang With The Hulkster!

April 28, 2016

Deep within the confines of Hogan’s Florida estate lies a hidden secret the wrestling world can only dream of.

Down in the basement, past the posters of WrestleMania 1 and vintage nWo memorabilia, hidden behind locked doors and guarded by the power of Hulkamania, is The Vault.

The Vault is a myth in the wrestling ethos and holds some of the greatest unknowns and first editions the sport has ever spawned. In any other professional wrestler’s home, save for a few choice friends, the collection of collectables pales in comparison to that of the Hulkster’s.

The Vault is home to many gems; priceless photographs, autographs, posters, action figures and other artifacts that Hogan has collected over the decades. Some say the entire history of professional wrestling can be found in The Vault, but few can know for sure. The Vault is secured and shown to a select few – the ones deemed true Hulkamaniacs with an undying love for the pasttime of wrestling.

You may never find yourself with the opportunity to investigate the wonders in The Vault, but the Hulkster hates to see his fans denied. Catch a sneak peek of The Vault in the clip below, and check back soon for more revelations from wrestling’s hidden archive.