ViSalus Mania Meets Hulkamania

The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is sweeping the nation, and capturing the attention of everybody, including one of the newest promoters, Hulk Hogan. It didn’t come as a total surprise to me because I had been reading tidbits shared by ViSalus Chief Marketing Officer, Blake Mallen, on Facebook about phone conversations with Hogan and dinner meetings behind the scenes. I was pleasantly pleased to learn that Hulk Hogan is officially drinking the Vi-Shape shakes and tweeting about them too.

Hulk Hogan isn’t the first fitness champ to join the ranks of ViSalus. Other athletes that promote The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge are Matt Lehr, former NFL star; Matt Duval, Mr. America & IFBB Champion and Former Mr. America; Jenny Lynn, Two-time Miss Olympia; Tony Buttacavoli, Mr. Olympia 60 & Over; Trish Beyerly, Triathlon Runner; Brad Marsh, NHL Veteran; Valerie Waugaman, American Gladiators; Ryan Jensen, UFC Fighter; Corey Dykes, Wrestler; Vince Taylor, IFBB professional; Gretchen Coley, 2010 Ms. Bikini Universe Champion, and the list goes on.
Hulk Hogan, regarded as the world’s greatest professional wrestler of all time, has had a successful career that has taken him from outside the ring to an actor appearing on television and the big screen, as well as in music and radio.


As a promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, I sometimes come across the objection, “I’m thin and I don’t need to lose weight”. What these people are missing is that The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge isn’t only about weight loss. The patented protein in the Vi-Shape shake mix helps to build lean muscle. Who doesn’t want flat, defined abs? I know I do, and have gotten the definition I longed for just by drinking a milkshake or two a day. The perfect answer to this objection is “If it’s good enough for the Hulkster, it’s good enough for you.”

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