Hulh Hogan



Slamming the Giant

March 28, 2017


The earth shattering, ground breaking, attendance record making Wrestlemania 3 set the WWE to new heights and transcended both Hogan & Andre to immortality and cemented both legacies. Moreover, it made the Hulkamania Brand a household name; not to mention its popularity igniting all throughout pop culture.

However, with many great epic encounters and monumental moments comes controversy and the Hulk/Andre collide at Wrestlemania was no different. Towards the beginning of the match Hogan attempted an early slam on the Giant that ended up in failure and forcing his body to collapse while the 7’4 600lb Andre fell on top of him nearly pinning him for the 3 count. Many wrestling historians and fans alike debate on whether or not Hogan got his shoulder up in time… nevertheless, as the match continued as history has been recorded Hogan went on through the grueling contest and not only pinned the Giant for the one-fall Giant but slammed him while doing so.

Nevertheless, due to controversy and many of the Giants fans; not to mention Andre himself, there had to be a returned contest for a clear and concise decision to settle any and all disputes. Once Wrestlemania 4 came around the championship was vacant and up for grabs in tournament style while giving opportunity to several superstars but in the line up itself while In order for Hulk to regain his championship he was ill have to triumph over the Giant once more. However, while battling one another the match ended in a double DQ and carry on their feud even longer to-encounter countless times throughout the next several years.

With Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant out of the tournament, the superstar Macho Man Randy Savage ended up stealing the show with an impressive 4 wins in 1 night while doing so. This both launched the Macho Man into main event spotlight and enabled Hogan to work on movie projects such as No Holds Barred and not have to carry the torch for the company for an entire year while Macho Madness proven more than capable in doing so.