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It wasn’t that long ago that the roaring fans of WWE Monday Night Raw were treated to a spectacular display of showmanship when Snoop Dogg ducked the ropes and entered the ring. It’s one thing to have a musical great step inside the ropes, but when Snoop’s intro gets cut short by an interrupting Curtis Axel, you know things were about to get intense.

Snoop may not be the biggest man to enter the ring, but what he lacks in mass, he more than makes up for in character. When you grow up in Eastside Long Beach rubbing shoulders with some of hip-hop’s most legendary West Coast figures, you’re bound to develop an unshakable style all your own. That’s where the Dogg gets his growl from, but up against Curtis Axel posing in an ‘Axelmania’ getup, Snoop needs to do more than just bare his teeth.

Axelmania came head to head with Snoopmania, but only one can run wild on Monday Night Raw. Next time Axelmania should check the schedule though, because Snoop has friends in high places who are always ready to come through to lend a hand. Or a set of 24 inch pythons…

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