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Brother there are few athletes to pass through the circled square that would unnerve the Hulkster, but it’s hard to deny the outright brutality of Sid ‘Justice’ Vicious. You see, justice doesn’t mean the same thing to Sid as it does to the rest of the world. It’s his own brand of justice that served a single, self-centered purpose, and brother, Sid didn’t stop until he felt his personal version of justice impact with a massive thump.

Some called him ‘Sadistic Sid’, others called him psychotic, but Sid really premiered as a babyface in 1991 (to the relief of The Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, who Sid saved from Jake The Snake and The Undertaker at their wedding reception). His babyface reign barely lasted a year though before Sid became embroiled in a feud with the Hulkster, turning heel and letting his inner demons run wild.

Let’s just say those 24″ pythons may have had a hand in winning Ric Flair the 1991 Royal Rumble for the WWF World Heavyweight Title, after Sid had a ‘fall’ to the outside floor…

WrestleMania VIII was coming up fast, and the battle between the All American Hogan and the new kid Sid Vicious was only adding jet fuel to the bonfire. Sid would make up with, then bail on the Hulkster during a tag team bout, taking his frustrations out on the Hulkster’s longtime friend, Brutus Beefcake. He was keeping his enemies close and learning the Hulkster’s weaknesses from the inside, just waiting for the day of WM8 to spring his traps.

He got more aggressive and more confident, and brother that’s when you’ve gotta start wondering if this dude was going to take things to the next level come WrestleMania. You never really know what Sycho Sid is up to, but thankfully, you also never know when an Ultimate Warrior is watching from afar…

#THT - Hulk Hogan Turns Heel and Ushers in the Dawn of the NWO


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