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Let me tell you something brother. Professional athletes don’t like to back down from a challenge, and professional wrestler’s don’t like it when someone messes with their stuff. It’s a combination that demands quality results and utmost respect, but Jack, it can turn into the fast track to a world of hurt in a hurry.

When egos collide it’s as if the universe itself is torn apart and forced to bend to the will of the strongest man, but the universe doesn’t play the game of ‘fairness’. Sometimes the strongest man can only become when the right opportunity presents itself, and nobody said you had to get to the top by playing things by the book…

The Hulkster knows this all too well. After winning a match against ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and stealing (and destroying) the prized motorcycle of the The Master Of Pain, the Undertaker, Hogan was feeling invincible. To celebrate his win, Hollywood suited up and prepared to cruise the streets of Toronto on his own motorcycle, but the Undertaker had bigger plans in store before they faced off up at 2002’s Judgement Day.

You never touch a man’s bike, but you sure as hell don’t even think about laying a finger on the Undertaker’s ride. That is, unless you’re ready to crush him like a hunk of scrap metal and send him to see his motorcycle in the junkyard. Hollywood was more than ready for his day of judgement, but little did he know the day was coming early in the form of a tire iron across the dome…

Always keep one eye on the prize, and one eye on the bad guy, brother. You never know what’s going to have you seeing stars before you can even say ‘Hulk Rules!’.

#THT - Hulk Hogan Turns Heel and Ushers in the Dawn of the NWO


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