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When The Dark Clouds Came Rumbling In, Laila Ali Saved The Hulkster In A Big Way

June 6, 2016

The passing of the legendary athlete Muhammad Ali has been a tough loss to take for fans of The Greatest. His polarizing mindset throughout his career made it easy for many to either love or hate him, but at the end of the day, Ali was a man who stood up for what he believed in during a time when few wanted to see that happen. He was a man with morals stronger than his jab, and it was no surprise when little Laila Ali grew up to show those same humanistic tendencies.

You just can’t water down that kind of personality brother, and you shouldn’t ever try to. The incredible Ali family is struggling with the difficult challenges that come with the death of a loved one, but let me tell you something; you can’t keep an Ali down. The Hulkster knows better than most about that fact, because not too long ago it was Laila Ali herself that picked up the phone and dove deep into the dark and depressing waters that were flooding the mind of Hogan.


She swam right down there to rock bottom brother and found the Hulkster drowning, but she didn’t just hand over a life preserver and say ‘good luck!’. No, she came in like a salvage crew off the Florida coast and strapped Hogan on to an airbag, rocketing him back to the sunshine and healing ocean breeze. Out of the darkness, just in the nick of time; brother it was an amazing act of selflessness and pure humanity, right when it was needed most.

Since then, Laila has called the coincidence ‘divine intervention’, and there’s no doubt about that. When the second youngest Ali called the Hulkster, she shared with him some spiritual guidance that transformed life into something beautiful again. That guidance was simple enough; read The Secret by Reverend Michael Beckwith, and learn to trust in something bigger than you once again.

Transformative doesn’t even begin to describe what happened after that brother. It was like someone had turned the light switch on after fumbling around in the dark for years. There was purpose in the day again; the sky was more blue, the sand was softer, and for the first time in a long time, those dark storm clouds had rolled on through. Following the guidance of Reverend Michael Beckwith was the direction the Hulkster was searching for, and it would have never happened if it weren’t for Laila Ali.

Hulk Hogan has been saved from a lot of beatdowns by heroes before, but Laila Ali did something bigger than that. She saved Hulk Hogan from himself.