If there’s one thing the Hulkster has said time and time again, it’s this: bullies have no place in this world.

Whatever problems you’re going through brother; however many WrestleMania matches you get left out of or Cena squash mashes you lose in, taking your frustrations out on unsuspecting innocents is the wrong move to make. Muhammad Hassan made that move more than once, and let me tell you something brother, his partner in crime Daivari was no better.

Back at WrestleMania 21 when the WWE went to Hollywood, the entire cast and crew of the annual wrestling contest were hopping out of their seats in excitement. That West Coast Love was living strong brother, and no one was feeling it as strongly as Eugene. The dude was experiencing his first WrestleMania ever, and in classic Eugene fashion he hopped into the circled square to share his excitement with the fans.

But bullies always gotta make things about them in the end, and it wasn’t long before Hassan and Daivari interrupted Eugene mid-speech. When the pair started getting their kicks out of beating on the already injured Eugene, enough was enough.

Cue the music, the big boot is coming your way Hassan and Daivari!

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