It was the one of the final summers of the 20th century, and the winds of change were blowing strong, brother. Hollywood Hogan and the rest of nWo Hollywood were running wild on the WCW main stage, but it was only a matter of time before a new champion rose up to challenge the Hulkster and his band of heels for the Heavyweight Title.

Hollywood Hogan had held the title comfortably since the split of the nWo into the Hollywood and Wolfpac factions, but by the end of the summer, a man with a staggering undefeated title put the pressure on the Hulkster. It was time for Golderberg to shine, not that his title of United States Heavyweight Champion wasn’t shiny enough. Goldberg was looking for a real challenge, and let me tell you something brother, he found it under the Georgia Dome when he stepped into the circled square with the World Heavyweight Title Champ, Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

The intensity of the two in the ring was matched by a record breaking crowd of 36,506 screaming fans, but this time not everyone was representing Hulkamania. The fans loved Goldberg’s reserved approach; exploding into action with the ferocity of 100 wolves on the hunt when opportunity presented itself. Now, if it wasn’t for Karl Malone’s distraction at the ringside, who knows what would have went down that July night…

But the fact remains: Hollywood Hogan was beaten by the unbeatable Goldberg, dropping the WCW Heavyweight Title to a younger superstar with fans reaching far and wide. It was one hell of a matchup, brother.