It was the match the pitted icon against icon: Hollywood Hogan facing off against The Rock underneath the Skydome in 2002. The tension in the air that night was palpable, but the energy of the crowd felt different. Change was coming brother, and it was sweeping over the stadium like a rogue wave. Hollywood Hogan heard fans cheering his name after so many times being the heel of the wrestling world, becoming the crowd favorite over The Rock. The winds of change were blowing, but it takes one hell of a vicious gale to blow The Rock down…

The match between Hollywood Hogan and The Rock was a champion’s test, forcing both competitors to their limits and maximizing their athletic abilities. As the two wrestling superstars threw each other across the ring, the intensity of the showdown grew to monumental levels. The referee was knocked unconscious, and the Rock seized the opportunity.

With the referee down and out, Hulkamaniacs will remember the heart stopping moment The Rock’s pin never got counted, allowing Hollywood Hogan to Hulk Up and launch the counter attack.

Feeding off the raw power of Hulkamania, Hollywood Hogan came back to hit The Rock with his own finisher; the ‘Rock Bottom’. Both contenders brought out their best fight, kicking free of eachother’s finishing moves before The Rock gained the upper hand.

With relentless Rock Bottoms and an excruciating maneuver, The Rock put an end to the iconic match and pinned Hollywood Hogan for the three-count. It may have been a loss to the Hollywood name, but it was still a victory for Hulkamaniacs everywhere. The villain was set to return to his noble ways, and his teammates could smell it. The nWo stormed the ring to offer Hogan a severe beatdown, but good guys stick together Jack. The Rock came roaring back.

This is one match you just can’t forget, brother!