The time had come for Hulk Hogan to sign on the dotted line and officially commit to battling his mentor and friend for the World Heavyweight Title belt. Emotions were running hotter than a summer in the Florida sun brother, but André has got himself a poker face worth watching. Alongside Bobby The Brain, André the Giant calmly signed off on the contract that would see him face down Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, while one furious Hulkster stared into the depths of the Giant’s soul.

Deep down, Hogan understood the André he knew was in there, somewhere. Clouded by the silver-tongued words of Bobby Heenan though, André could only see the title belt on the table.

With Mean Gene Okerlund and President Jack Tunney present to officiate the signing, Hogan announced this was no ordinary case of legal matters. The challenge for the World Heavyweight Title wasn’t signed in ink, but in blood; the blood of a friendship cut down to make room for ulterior motives and personal greed. You can’t blame André for wanting the Title for himself, but you can blame Heenan for how it all went down.

Friendship is the stuff of life itself, brother, and it never had to go down this road of broken hearts and bruised egos. But it did, and WrestleMania III was set to be the stage where it would all play out.