Now, a lot of Hulkamaniacs that didn’t get to experience the craziness of WrestleMania IX first-hand like to share their unfavorable opinions on the matchup between the Hulkster and the Japanese titan Yokozuna. Well let me tell you something about the WWF brother; it doesn’t wait for anyone. One day you’re the heavyweight champion on top of the world, the next you’re rocking the tag-team belt with your best bud Brutus and the awesome Jimmy Hart. The day after, you could be sitting on the beach sipping a cold drink with nowhere to be… it’s just how the game goes in the professional wrestling world.

In 1993, the WWF and its games were in full swing. Vince wants one thing; the Hulkster and his legacy want something similar, but different. It’s a sport full of larger than life characters, which makes negotiating a pretty entertaining prospect (as long as you aren’t the one getting burned).

But it’s all fun in the end brother, because you just can’t kill Hulkamania. Vince tried, the Dungeon of Doom took their shots, and even Macho Man put a few diving elbows down, but Hulkamania will live forever. When Yokozuna challenged the Hulkster to a WWF Heavyweight Title match, not moments after slaying Bret Hart to win the title, Hulkamania was running wild in Las Vegas. In 22 seconds flat, Hogan and Yokozuna were finished and a new WWF Heavyweight Champion was crowned.

You just had to be there to feel the energy in the stands when Yokozuna got dropped by the big boot, brother. It’s one of those feelings that sticks with you forever.