Brother, if there is one thing that people need to remember, it’s to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Especially when you’re in the public’s eye your whole life, learning to have a laugh at your own expense is the only way to stay sane. There will always be the haters and the naysayers, but when you can find the comedy in everyday things and not take yourself too seriously, you can appreciate the hard work of others that much better.

That being said, John Cena has definitely been practicing the fine art of being Hogan.

The poses, the voice, even the the way he says, “Brother!”; it all fits like a glove.

Now, Cena is a known Hulkamaniac since the days of the WWF, so it’s no surprise he knows the way the Hulkster walks and talks. Martin Short as David Scwhimmer as Hulk Hogan though… that’s enough to make a 300 pound guy fall out of his chair with tears in his eyes. Coming from the legend Martin Short, those bruises are like a badge of honor, dude.