After Brutus Beefcake got himself a NASA-made face mask and the Hulkster dusted off the ol’ wrestling boots, brother it was time for the Mega Maniacs to run wild on the WWF tag-team title.

Jimmy Hart’s valiant efforts and change of heart to the good guys was a turning point in the downfall of Money Inc, and all the Hulkamaniacs knew Ted Dibiase and I.R.S. were in for a big boot lesson, courtesy of the Hulkster. All they needed was a time and a place, and manager Jimmy Hart knew what would hurt Dibiase and I.R.S. the most. What better place to humiliate Money Inc. than in the land of money itself: Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The stage was set for WrestleMania IX at the legendary casino and hotel, and the Mega Maniacs were training harder than ever. The game plan was to take the brutal pain experienced by Brutus just weeks earlier at the hands of Money Inc, and bring it right back ten-fold, brother. After that, the title belt for the WWF Tag-Team Championship was going to hang proudly from the shoulders of Jimmy Hart and cement the trio as one of the greatest tag-teams in all of wrestling history.

It would have happened too, brother, if only Danny Davis would have minded his own business backstage…