Few can forget the day that Hulk Hogan appeared at the end of a six-man tag-team match in 1996, striding into the Ocean Center at Daytona Beach with a smile and trademark outfit. Fans thought that Hogan was here to save the day (and his friend Macho Man), but the reality was more shocking than anyone imagined.

When Hogan gained the ‘Hollywood’ moniker, he kickstarted a movement that would change professional wrestling forever. The New World Order would become a driving force in the development of storylines to the point of infamy, often using the Trillionaire Ted DiBiase to fund their “channel hijacking” commercials during WCW broadcasts.

The feud between the NWO and the rest of the WCW would only grow in intensity, drawing even more pros into the mix of the diabolical guerilla team.

Soon The Giant would cross his own teammates to join the Order, followed by a number of other important faces. Ms. Elizabeth, Macho Man, Dusty Rhodes, Eric Bischoff and countless others would join ranks between 1996 and 1998, resulting in a terrifying collection of renegades and wildmen.

The NWO reign has taken many forms since 1996, but few can argue just how spectacular it was to watch the greatest babyface in wrestling take a turn into some dark waters.