Jimmy Hart has always played the role of a heel perfectly brother, but once upon a time he witnessed an act so evil and so perverse, his morals came calling back. He summoned his courage and stepped in front of the swinging limbs of Money Inc’s Ted DiBiase and I.R.S., attempting to stop the assault on Brutus The Barber and his disfigured face. The Mouth of the South may have a way with words, but he’s no 260 pound professional wrestler. Jimmy got tossed, despite his good intentions, and Brutus suffered at the hands of Money Inc.

Never again brother would Brutus let his injuries give his opponents the upper hand.

He called up his friend the Hulkster and told him what had happened, and brother if that didn’t light a fire under the boots of Hulk Hogan you can bet nothing else would. But a friend in need is a friend forever, Hulkamaniacs, so The Immortal grabbed his boots and bandana and made a bee-line straight to Brutus.

Together, the duo formed the tag-team powerhouse, The Mega Maniacs. The Maniacs were more ready for Money Inc. than Ted and his buddy I.R.S. could imagine. Thanks to some friends in high places, The Mega Maniacs had an indestructible face mask built for Brutus and his injuries, and even got themselves one of the best managers in the game.

So whatcha gonna do, when the futuristic fighter Brutus The Beefcake teams up with the largest arms in the world and run wild on you?!