It was time for the fourth SummerSlam event in WWF history, and Madison Square Garden was packed to the brim with screaming Hulkamanaics alongside roaring Warriors. The summer weather was scorching brother but the real heat was inside the ring, where The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan prepared to take on the vilified Sgt. Slaughter in a handicap match from hell.

Colonel Mustafa and General Adnan joined forces with the Sgt. in an attempt to overwhelm the American heroes with pure, unadulterated madness, but Hulkster and Warrior had different plans in mind. You can’t just walk into New York City and expect to insult millions of Americans without some kind of consequence, so the good guys made sure that the three challengers got what was coming to them. And then some.

With two of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time enforcing the law, Slaughter, Mustafa and Adnan didn’t stand a chance. Not with the wild energy of The Ultimate Warrior chasing two baddies with one steel chair, and certainly not with The Immortal Hulk Hogan laying down leg drops like bombs in the Sonoran Desert.

So whatcha’ gonna do when the Hulkamaniacs come together with the Warriors to run wild on you, Sgt. Slaughter?