The time had finally come to hand some big boot justice down to the faces of Ted Dibiase and his partner I.R.S., and the Mega Maniacs were frothing to meet their match at WrestleMania IX. They had already made short work of the Beverly Brothers: running over the pair not just once, but twice, like a steamroller on a hot and fresh USA highway. Now it was time for Money Inc. to pay their dues, so the Hulkster and Brutus came calling to collect.

Just a month away from WrestleMania IX, the Mega Maniacs took on Money Inc. in a non-title match, with the Hulkster pinning I.R.S. for the win. Coming off a high like that brother, the Mega Maniacs were confident that the April contest for the WWF Tag-Team Championship Title would be a walk in the park. As the date crept closer though, Brutus and Hogan knew this was no time to relax on the training, vitamins or prayers.

The Mega Maniacs went mental in Gold’s, pumping iron from dawn until well after dusk. They knew that Money Inc. was off partying their nights away with Ted DiBiase’s millions, so they hit the bench harder than ever brother.

Wouldn’t you know it, when you spend all your days and nights at the same gym, the wrong kind of people get the wrong kind of ideas. The night before the Caesar’s Palace clash, the Hulkster got jumped leaving Gold’s under a full moon and had his forehead split open in the shadows.

It didn’t matter who was behind it though, brother, because you already know Hulk Hogan doesn’t get beat down. He laid the big boot out and went to sleep that night saying his prayers, ready for the next day and the tag-team challenge he had been dreaming about for months. All that anger, pain and frustration, funnelled alongside the raw Hulkamania of some 15,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs… it just made him even stronger.