Think back to the time when you were just an 18-year-old in a big scary world, with all the possibilities of a future laid out in front of you like some kind of overwhelming garage sale. Maybe you’re still that 18-year-old, brother, but imagine how many of your young-minded worries would fade away if only you had the celebrity status of Zach Gowen.

He was barely 20 when he found himself under the limelight of the WWE ring, but those kinds of pressures are not for the uninitiated. It’s no secret Zach learned a lot from his time in the WWE, but this is a message of growth Hulkamaniacs.

It’s too easy to blame child stars for their faults, when in reality you would probably do something just as cringeworthy if you had the world in the palm of your hands. You see it from young pop stars to child actors – heck even some ‘adult’ entertainment personas need an ego check now and again – but that doesn’t mean they should be tossed away.

mr america zach gowen

Working alongside Zach Gowen was an important moment in the Hulkster’s career; even if he had to spend that time under the mask of Mr. America. He may have been a young gun, but Zach was a gun that was dialed in to fire from 1000 yards away brother. He gave it his all, every night, and eagerly shared his trademark style with everyone watching. The fans love that; to them, Zach Gowen meant no obstacle was too high.

Now, Zach is a little older and a little wiser, but still the same stand-up kid we all first saw back in the TNA and WWE. He’s come so far as an entertainer and as an athlete that, brother, there’s no question as to whether he has what it takes. Everyone has their time, and maybe that means Zach will get another shot at his WWE dreams.

For now though, he’s kicking butt and taking names in the professional wrestling world on the indy circuits, working with his awesome charity Wrestling For Warriors, and posting impressive times on an obstacle course to end all obstacle courses.

Congrats brother, it’s good to see you living life.