Hulkamaniacs, today is a very important day, both in professional wrestling history and outside the ring.

June 16th, 1959 was the day an ultimate power entered the universe. The ground shook, the birds sang and the heavens above shone golden light down upon the Indiana home of Mr. and Mrs. Hellwig, who had just welcomed their first baby boy into the fold. His name was James, but you all probably know him by a different name: The Ultimate Warrior.

Brother, there has been time in the past where the Hulkster and Warrior just couldn’t see eye to eye, and that has led to some things being said out of frustration and anger. What the world needs to know though, Hukamaniacs, is that James ‘Warrior’ Hellwig was a true friend at the end of his tragically short life. He was one cool dude – both in the ring and out – and a guy with a heart bigger than his wrestling personality.

James really cared about the sport of professional wrestling, and you’d be hard pressed to say he didn’t play pivotal roles in the development of the sport to what it is today. Warrior was and is the embodiment of professional wrestling, and the Hulkster wouldn’t be the first to say that he was an inspiration to us all to work harder and dream bigger. Somewhere along the way though, bridges started crumbling and the Hogan-Warrior relationship became some truly heartbreaking stuff. During his induction ceremony for the WWE Hall of Fame, Vince and company said for the sake of peace, Hogan should stay away from Warrior.

Well let me tell you something brother, the Hulkster has learned a lot in his life, but most importantly he’s learned that forgiveness trumps all. Warning or not, it was time to put an end to the senseless feud between two long-lost friends.


Backstage, Warrior and Hogan cleared the bad blood and made peace, and you can’t imagine the weight that lifted off both superstars’ shoulders. With the legendary Pat Patterson helping to patch things up, all three couldn’t help but crack a genuine smile. It just goes to show; lost friends are never really that lost. All you’ve gotta do is swallow your pride and show them how much you really care.


We all miss you very much James, and we know you’re up there watching the world turn with that trademark smile. Rest in peace, brother.