There has never been a more memorable match than Hulk Hogan Vs Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3 for countless reasons; stemming from making indoor attendance record, putting the WWE on the map, becoming mainstream focus throughout pop-culture to the symbolic passing of the torch from Andre to Hulk. However, all those things can be captured in the moment Hogan Slammed the Giant.
It is a fact that Hogan slammed the Giant several times prior to Wrestlemania 3 due to facing one another on and off for several years before Hulkamania is even was born. However, when Hulk & Andre’s friendship went south and the feud begun Andre was tipping the scales at nearly 600lbs. It was reported that he gained significant weight even throughout the weeks after the “weigh in” prior to the event.
Andre was the largest he ever was and even though he was out of shape due to needing back surgeries, the bitterness storyline that was taking place; not to mention the huge gamble the WWE (then WWF) was taking on the venue for Wrestlemania that needed both Hulk & Andre in-order to sellout and get mass media coverage while headlining it.
While Andre being undefeated for 15 years made the Hulkster’s victory the adding of the torch; what made Hulkamania immortal was the Slam that sealed the deal. When Hogan attempted the final Slam and delivered it, the stadium erupted only after being breathless while the gigantic Giant was being launched by the 24inch pythons.
Regardless of who wrestling fans cheer for and whom they are loyal to, most agree that the Slamming of Andre was the defining moment of not only Hulkamania but also of the WWE. It’s cause & effect rumbled the very landscape sports entertainment and shook up pop-culture to its core to pay attention to its industry